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Cromax Mosaic

Introducing a new collision basecoat system - Cromax Mosaic. 
This new basecoat is a part of the Cromax family of products, and is designed to provide dependable colour matching and durable OEM quality repair. 
Mosaic is an easy-to-use, fast-drying, low VOC solvent borne basecoat with good fill. It has a full palette of automotive OEM colors and alternatives, aimed at providing superior colour match. Colour matching can be achieved using any of Axalta’s comprehensive colour tools.
Available in mix machine colors, for spot, panel and overall repairs.  Select from a wide choice of solid, metallic and pearl colors, and special effect colors.
Mosaic is compatible with the Cromax LE system of undercoats and clearcoats.

  • Colour match collision basecoat line supported by state of the art colour tools

  • New technology that allows superior metallic control during spray application

  • Classic coat-flash-reflow technology for application flexibility

  • Excellent product stability and shelf life

  • Does not require investment in new equipment and extensive training

  • Warrantied with the full Cromax® system – for peace of mind

To learn more, please visit the Mosaic home page: 



Standocryl® PFC Air Dry Clearcoat

A 2.1 VOC compliant, high gloss, productive, air-dry clearcoat that is designed for panel or multi-panel repairs.

Specifically designed to deliver great gloss over both Standox® solventborne and waterborne basecoats, it uses a continuous 1.5 coat or 2-coat application process and can be force dried to shorten cycle time. 

Air dry 2.5-3 hours/ 68°F (20°C)
Speed bake 10 min at 110°F (43°C) panel temperature

  • 1.5 Coat application process

  • Production repair clear

  • Easy application with excellent flow and gloss

  • Air dry or short bake cycle

  • Panel, and multi-panel repairs

  • One visit application

Standox UV Filler

From minutes to seconds
Standox® UV Filler is an exclusive next-generation technology for professional refinishers. This productive ready-to-spray filler cures upon exposure of UV light in mere seconds and is ready for sanding immediately after cure. Standox® UV Filler features high-quality results due to its film build and strong filling capability and leveling. Whether you’re doing a small spot or large panel repair, you’re ready to paint and deliver faster than ever before.

Ready to go in litre containers for traditional spray guns and convenient aerosol cans for spot repairs, our UV Filler System saves time and trouble. There’s no mixing, no need for hardener, no concerns about pot life, minimal gun cleaning and little to no shop waste like there can be with traditional primers. You save time and money.

  • Cures in seconds upon exposure to UV light

  • Ready to sand immedietly after cure

  • Excellent filling properties

  • Chromate free

Standox® PF Filler

High-quality results and easy application
Standox® ProFuture (PF) Filler is next-generation technology for professional refinishers.  This productive filler features exceptionally fast air-dry qualities and excellent sanding properties.

PF Filler can be sprayed in 2 to 4 coats with only 5 to 10 minutes flash-off between coats and it is faster and easier to sand because of how smoothly it lays down. As a result, Standox® PF Filler helps increase throughput.

  • Ease of spraying and sanding combined with fast drying for improved productivity

  • Lays down smoothly for superior feathering

  • Ideal for spot repairs because there is little to no overspray

  • Available in white and dark gray, which can be mixed together to achieve
    a variety of shades to make basecoat application easier