Custom Paint

We mix several paints in house to give you the best choice for your project. With different qualities depending on project and budget needs.

Paint lines for custom mixes

Cromax Pro

Cromax has been designed to help customers achieve quality goals with products that are proven and easy to use.  With coating systems that are engineered to provide quick and accurate application, you can count on Cromax to get a quality finish, easily.

Waterbased basecoat for the ultimate in paint match and productivity

Duxone Basecoat

Duxone consists of a dependable, all-round paint system specifically developed for bodyshops seeking value for money. Duxone’s efficient and easy-to-use system delivers good quality at competitive prices.

Solvent based for product simplicity


This basecoat system will provide you with excellent hiding and a blendable color match in a consistent, and complete system that will give you reliable performance.

Solvent based, and available in Basecoat and Single Stage


Formulated to be fast and easy to apply, Nason products are designed to work together as a system to give you an option when time and money are limited.

Solvent based, and available in Basecoat, and Single Stage

Imron Industrial

The Imron reputation is built on products formulated for toughness and durability. This Polyurethane based product is intended for severe use areas, where strength and gloss retention are important.

Single Stage product. Available in multiple gloss levels, and DTM applications.

Color should be chosen with the paint code that can be found on the vehicle. If the code isn’t available, a sample of the color can be provided and we can use that to find the best color possible. Sized vary from ½ Pint, up to a full Gallon. Aerosols also available. Paint can be mixed while you wait. No long wait times